Easy Trading Token Airdrop

Easy Trading (ETT)

Token Symbol ETT
Estimated value $2
Expiry date 26 DAYS
Published date July 4, 2018

Token Overview

By using artificial intelligence and specific algorythms they aim to make minimal losses and maximum profit. Easy Trading will make trading easy for everyone and make traders be able to obtain daily profits by utilising the platform.
It is also decentralized platform and traders will control their funds as their wish.
Trading short term usually gets a lot of people burnt, hence why our markets are dominated by bots. Easy platform aim to help us resolve this issue, by automating the trading and restricting permissions for the bot.

Bot's don't HODL, that's for sure!

Token Requirement

  1. Open website
  2. Follow on Twitter
  3. Retweet Twitter
  4. Share Facebook post
  5. Like Facebook
  6. Go to airdrop at bottom of page
  7. Submit details
  8. refer friends for additional tokens

End in: 26 DAYS

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