IND Token

Token Symbol IND
Estimated value N/A
Expiry date 31 Dec, 2018
Published date June 29, 2018

Token Overview

We are awarding Pioneer Badges along with IND tokens to the first 14k users on the Indorse platform and in our official telegram channel.

The badges will provide additional incentives; e.g. in our upcoming referral system, the pioneer badge holders will get more IND tokens for referral as compared to users without the pioneer badge.

If you have an existing Indorse profile and you are in our telegram channel, you will still have to use the bot in order to claim the badge and get IND tokens.

How to get the badge

1. Follow the process via our telegram bot:

2. You now should have your badge on your Indorse profile !


1. Must put in ERC-20 compatible wallet address on your profile. (E.g. myetherwallet, metamask, ledger nano, etc. DO NOT USE AN ETH ADDRESS FROM AN EXCHANGE) Please make sure you put in the correct ETH address. Once entered, it can NOT be changed.

2. Must use the telegram bot to qualify. Link:

Token Requirement


1. You must stay in the telegram group throughout the competition period to qualify for the tokens.

2. Any abuse, frauds or breach of rules will result in disqualification.


First 2000 — Gold badge and 5 IND tokens

Next 4000 — Silver badge and 4 IND tokens

Last 8000 — Bronze badge and 3 IND tokens


End in: 31 Dec, 2018

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