meritt protocol airdrop

Meritt Protocol (MTT)

Token Symbol MTT
Estimated value N/A
Expiry date 26 DAYS
Published date July 4, 2018

Token Overview

Applications and platforms can leverage the Meritt protocol to enable their users to finance or fundraise on peer-to-peer basis. They are able offer Messaging platforms, Marketplaces, Social media platforms, Crowdfunding platforms, Peer-to-peer platforms, Community based platforms

Meritt is a platform coin, therefore has a lot of potential if they can deliver their roadmap, make partnerships and market well. Having two partners already this coin is off to a good start. The issue is, they may be a bit too late to the party, with plenty other big hitters already in the space.

Token Requirement

  1. Open Airdrop Link
  2. Confirm email
  3. Join Telegram
  4. Follow on Twitter
  5. Click 'earn tokens' to see list of tasks
  6. Submit details
  7. Refer friends for additional tokens

End in: 26 DAYS

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